Mental Health Update

I have been putting this off for a while now because I didn’t and still don’t know how to write about this. Just to be completely honest when talking about mental health, there is such a stigma around it. And when talking about it I want to be 100% honest and truly inspire others here on my blog to achieve and go after their hopes and dreams.


I have two official diagnosis. Major depressive disorder and Adjustment disorder mixed with Anxiety and depression. My dog Athena is officially my Emotional Support Animal. During the day when I am home she wears her ESA vest and at night she is my puppy. Although her duty as an ESA is truly 24/7.


So where do I begin. I have started school. And I do go to work most days. And my life is eh. I’m happy I try to keep busy when I am at home by doing homework and spending time with my dog.


When I made my first post about talking about my mental health a year ago, I talked about my book. Well the book has a name it is called the devil and the peach. However it is still not done. Yes after a year I am still working on it. I want it to be really good. I am going to be honest writing it has been very difficult. I have had writers block. Even though it is based off of true events writing what I remember has been hard. But it has been therapeutic. Speaking of therapy, I do have a wonderful therapist who has truly made an impact on my life here in Houston.


Now for blogging. This has truly helped keep my mind busy and allowed me to be creative and hopefully inspire others. Which is all thanks to you guys. My wonderful readers! I am always trying to think of and thinking of new and creative ideas to bring to the blog. It has always been one of my first priorities, that and school of course are my two first priorities.


On top of being creative. Blogging has kept me on my toes with the constant algorithms changes to every social media site known to man. It has been one of those things that I have truly come to appreciate in terms of challenges. I know people will disagree with me but knowing that the field is always changing has allowed me to be aware of fun new ways of showing others how to be creative and hopes to inspire others to be who they truly are! trust me when I say this, you guys are awesome! And you guys inspire me too. 🙂 sorry for the extra cheese. lol.


So I guess you could say that my mental health disorders are somewhat under control. However I can say that with my depression I never will know when I will have an episode. Which kind of sucks. However. Knowing how to handle it, makes the difference. And writing and being creative truly helps.


I know that this post is going to be fairly short. Mainly because trying to put words to feelings and emotions is probably the most difficult to do.


Lastly if anyone needs anyone to speak to about anything there are hotlines you can always call! I will leave a link (here) to my last post it has numbers and websites to check out! You can also email me as well!


Keep Smiling,



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