College Talk: Relationship Break Up’s

Hey Guys,

So I went back and fourth on how to go about writing this. In fact I think I wrote this at least three different times. Then I decided to write my advice in a list form. Because I know my self and I am pretty sure I would ramble.


  1. Talk out your feelings.

A thing with me is once I started therapy, talking out how I felt suddenly became more and more natural. If your not good with talking about how you feel, a therapist always helps. Because they ask you questions and help you shift threw the rubble and help you solve your issues. To me its helped a lot, and I have noticed personally that my relationships with others have suddenly become more and more better.


  1. Write it out

This deffiently helps. I know writing in your diary about how some boy broke your heart is so circa 2007. But holding in how you feel and not writing it on paper and trying to get it off your chest also isn’t healthy. So get a journal and write out how you got dumped by some guy.


  1. Write letters to who broke your heart and don’t send it (delete it, throw it away etc.)

This is something I do all the time, I write letters to either my future self or someone who broke my heart. (all though I am currently not seeing anyone and that is because I have chosen to not date) but writing letters to those who have hurt you or disappointed you is a therapeutic way of saying what you want to say with out actually hurting the person who hurt you.


  1. Turn to Christ, and read your bible.

This should probably be number one, when ever someone breaks your heart or disappoints you, my number one suggestion is talking to God. He has all the answers and knows how to heal your heart better than any one else can.


  1. Focus on your studies and your friends/family that are around you.

I mean after all you are in school. You minus well play catch up (if you have fallen behind) or just focus on that in general. You are in school to get that bachalors degree and that should be your number one priority. The guys will still be there when your done with college.


  1. Some times you just need to grieve with some ice cream and a chick flick.

My dad used to tell me when I would have a broken heart or when ever I was disappointed your allowed one fee day to be sad, but the next day you get up dust your self off, doll your self up and go show em who’s boss. Yes I know such a dad move but honestly my dad was right. I always did that. And I remember my dad buying me soda and ice cream. And I would sit and watch Netflix till my hearts content.


I hope this helps you all who need this! And if you ever need to talk feel free to email me!

Keep Smiling,



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