Friday Favorites #2- Favorites from 2017

I know there is literally only one Friday Fave’s but I figured I would talk about some of my fav’s from this past year. Some that I didn’t talk about in the literally one Friday favorites posts.

A top favorite is defiantly going to therapy. It has truly made an impact on my life already.



I have a couple of favorites from this past year.

NCIS– I sat and being watched the entire series… and ate my weight in cheetos puffs (hahah sorry dad)

The Crown- I don’t know if I talked about this or not, but… I was quite obsessed. To the point where I was literally researching it. If you haven’t watched I highly recommend it.

What the Health- This sparked a health trend. Its also partly to blame why I got into my health so much. Between switching my diet and going to therapy and seeing a psychiatrist I very much believe that it helped my mental health a lot

Pet Fooled- Oh my gosh. I grew up with dogs, my dad used to be a dog trainer when he was in college. So Agriculture and pet food wasn’t a topic I was shy off. It is just something I grew up around. However after watching it I will say I did talk to my dad about it and he agreed with literally everything. I also believe my step mom even watched it. I now almost a whole year later have gotten my dog on half raw and half holistic kibble. They also have a Facebook page. If you ever have a question they always message you back pretty much imminently and other people will help you out too.


Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket • LOFT • $80–128

This is a topic I personally want to dabble in in 2018. I literally buy a lot of clothes strictly for the blog. Weather I am going to wear it in a post or a video (Which I am going to plan that out in 2018) My favorite clothing item that I purchased this year might have to be my leather jacket. I have worn it a ton this fall and winter season. I also do believe this item might be sold out.


BH Cosmetics Second Edition 120-pc. Eyeshadow Palette • $16.50

I have had this makeup pallet for years. Back before I even started this blog while I was still living at my parents house I bought this. And forgot about it and it managed to be shoved in a makeup container. I would personally never recommend using old make up. But this eye shadow pallet literally looked like it had not been touched since the last time I used it. I ended up throwing out most of the make up and perfume that was being stored in that container. But kept this one. And I have been using it ever since. Literally.




I bought these pairs of booties in the beginning of the semester. And It was by far the best purchase of 2017. I honestly needed them. No really, my dog ate my other pair. I guess she got bored or something. My old pair honestly needed to be thrown out anyways. (Thank You Athena…LOL) They are literally my favorite. I wear them all the time to work. However I will say I checked and they are sold out.

However here is a cool dupe.

Nude Ted Ankle Boot • $14.29


Chipotle hands down. However if your in the Ft.Worth area I highly suggest checking out McKinleys in University villiage its down the street from TCU. Defiantly worth the try. Their Avacado Salad is by far my favorite and they also make amazing sweets!


Literally my favorite Starbucks drink will always be the sweet shakin ice tea in passion fruit trenta. I can drink that all day. I did buy it hot version time because I was sick and it was literally so good!


I am really excited about this year. And I have so many ideas for blog posts and videos. (which I am still trying to figure out my filming set up, even though I moved here to Houston in July.)








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