Life Update: I was in a car accident? My brother goes to basic training.

Hey, Y’all

So I don’t think I have really talked about what’s been going on in my life in a while. Oh where to begin.

I moved here in July, Shortly after I moved Hurricane Harvey hit. And that was a complete nightmare. We were completely fine. So up until last week things were pretty okay. Work, school, Blog posts things have been pretty chill to be honest.

Last week was thanksgiving. That Monday I had a math test that I needed to take, and I was super frantic about. ( fun fact I didn’t pass said test.) well anyways. When I was leaving there was this super impatient girl who basically blocked my way out of the parking lot.

So I had to take the long way just to leave the parking lot (red flag #1) so I came to a stop at a stop sign and was turning left. No one was in the intersection when I came to this stop sign. There I said it. remember that.

Right when I was turning left a Cadillac came and t-boned my bumper. I get out of the car crying because thats my reaction for when anything bad happens. she goes on and on about how either of us saw each other at the stop sign. (red flag #2)

I call my dad he gets angry, so I hang up after that brief phone message, then I call my mom. my mom comes and suggest we call the police, she goes no I think we have it under control (red flag #3)

My car is underivable at this point the bumper is basically falling off at this point. And she goes inspecting her car (Why not look for reasons to justify getting a truck to tow your car away too?) all she had on her car was a scratch. a scratch.

And then was trying to find a issue with her tires. my face when she said that her tire was leaking air was kinda funny. My mom goes yeah because of the weather I might need to fill my tires too. In my head i was thinking “thank you mom!”

Needless to say I now have to pay 500 dollars of a deductible because her insurance refuses to pay for it. she ran a stop sign. thats the part that makes me upset.

Last night when I was trying to finish this said blog post the woman who ran the stop sign texted me…. :\ I will say, I was nice when I responded to her. I just wasn’t happy that she gets away with running a stop sign, and hitting my car. allowing me to pick up the tab.

Other than that fiasco, my life has been pretty chill. I have been going to class, work and hanging out at home with my wonderful pup. My brother left for basic training for the army the same day I got into that car accident. (karma?)

We got a letter and a phone call all in one week. I was kinda excited to hear from him! just his writing and spelling is horrible. I was laughing the entire time when I was reading his letter.

Other than that life has been great! and I am really enjoying it.

Keep Smiling





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