College Talk: Saving Money

Hey Y’all

Saving money… even when you are in college it’s hard. I can be the first person to tell you spending money is my favorite thing. Saving not so much. But I know how to save money. Even while in college.


When you are in college, your focused on your degree. Finish and get out. Enter the world of adult hood. But saving money for when you get out is probably the most important thing.


#1 Don’t spend more than you have.


For me I just want to go spend money when I get it. Its taken me some time to understand that if I don’t have money for it. Save to get it. There is a saying “don’t bite off more than you can chew.” Same goes for money. Don’t spend more than you already have. When you get your pay check. Pay your bills first. Then what is left over 10% of that goes into your savings. I promise you, you will have money to spend after.


#2 Budget!


I hate budgeting. It’s so tedious and when I lived alone in an apartment it was the most boring thing I did. Now that I am living with my grandparents and my mom so I can help them out. It is still the most tedious thing I do. However I am not the person to go to for budgeting. My dad would be the best person I know to go to. But like I said in the first rule. Pay your bills first. And a budget is the best thing to start out with. Your phone bill is $100 something, budget it out and know how much your going to spend each pay check till it is paid in full.


#3 Bring your own coffee.

Yes, you will need coffee most mornings. No you do not need that extra shot of expresso caramel mocciato. You can bring your own. This was something that took me a while to get used too. However I can say I love to bring my own coffee now. And sometimes you can buy your own coffee. But know your limit.


#4 Bring your own lunch.

To me I hate this. Making your lunch and brining it, just seems kid-ish. Ya know. But I have found eating left overs for lunch is kind of exciting. Even when I was a kid. Most people envied my lunch because it was always good looking. Most kids brought PB&J and my mamow or my dad would always give us fun lunches. My dad made me and my brother his favorite 80’s style lunch. And now that I am an adult trying to finish college, making my lunch may seem kinda boring but in the long run I am saving so much money. And you will too!


#5 Make lists.

I love making lists. I have them for all sorts of stuff. And too me it helps. Now following them is another thing. But they are essential in saving money. Why? Well you have a rule of thumb and an idea for what you will need when you go to the grocery store. And you have an idea on things you want to save money for. this goes back to rule number one. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.



These have helped me over the years. And they still do. Sometimes I will not listen to my own rules and do my own thing but I have found that these things help me save money. And I hope that they will too!


Keep Smiling!


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