Friday Favorites #1

Hey Y’all,

I haven’t written or posted a blog post in a while, So I might be a little rusty. If you didn’t see my insta post that I was changing my posting days then well… SURPRISE!

I figured an easy blog post to sit down a write would be a favorite’s, so here you go.


IMG-0278.JPG First is this sweater! I bought it during the friends and family sale at LOFT. Its super comfy and when I wore it, it was raining outside. It was so comfy and literally I didn’t want to take it off. This is perfect for thanksgiving, if you’re the type of person who wants to be comfy on thanksgiving. Throw on some cute jeans and some booties and whale! Its by Lou and Grey which is sold in most LOFT stores, And its super comfy and really pink!

Lou & Grey Fuzz Boucle Cowl Sweater • Lou & Grey • $69.50





Next is this beautiful striped button up that I also got at LOFT during the friends and IMG-0284family event. And if you are the type of person who does love dressing up during
thanksgiving this also would be perfect! And the Red lip is Bang-Bang by Smashbox!


Striped Tie Bell Sleeve Shirt • LOFT • $54.50






So I haven’t purchased any make up recently, but I have been wearing these two beauties,

They are the smash box liquid to matt lipsticks and they are amazing. I have two and they are the in demand and bang-bang. I was in drill team in High School, and we would have to wear red lipstick literally every performance. And it took me a long time to be able to wear red lipstick comfortably again. And I love the brightness of this red one. Its perfect for fall time! I wear In demand all the time. And I get complements for it literally every day.

Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick • Smashbox • $24


So I have been really into Netflix, and for those who do not know Athena does indeed watch Netflix. In fact you say TV or FOOD she will get very excited. My big dog loves Netflix… I am just let that sink in a bit.

But I have been really into watching gossip girl. Anyone remember when that was very popular in like what 2008? It’s such classic now, which is scary to think about.

I also have really been on a documentary kick, And I am obsessed with pet fooled, if you haven’t watched it go watch it! It will surprise you!



img-0233.jpgMe And my mom have been going to ZOEs kitchen for a while and I have to say this Mediterranean bowl is to die for, I have only had it twice but its literally the best thing that’s happened since PSL. Ill leaves this picture for you. I honestly wish I knew what seasonings they use, Its… yummy!


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