Oh… My Matcha

I want to start this blog post off with how excited I am to be talking about this. So before we get into this, I want to share a little story. I am apart of a few blogging Facebook groups. One of them is a international Facebook group for beauty bloggers as well as vloggers, one day a woman posted in the group talking about how she was starting this company called My Matcha skinny tea, and I literally spoke out loud “HEY! This is awesome!” Thus I got my little hands on this.



So for me I also have a full time job outside of the BBB. And I love to grab coffee or some sort of caffeinated drink before I spend so much time repeating my self. I do love my job but saying the same line over and over again can be tired some. Green tea is really good for you though, and so is matcha. Coffee, as well can be really good for you (minus the sugar and the extra stuff.) Which is why I am coming to you with a new and improved way of starting your mornings.


Green tea has many benefits one of them has been being proven to help with weight loss. (Here is the link to one of the study’s ) And another little bit of information is that Green Tea is a key ingredient in almost every single weight loss pill, tea that is on the market. Madelaine Thomas the co owner of MyMatcha LTD said that MyMatcha Skinny Tea has been created to help shift the pounds and boost your mood and that it does just that.


For those who are new to my blog, I have a mental illness called “Major Depressive Disorder.” And finding ways to boost my mood and my energy has been a new project for myself. So I was really surprised when my mood suddenly shifted after I finished the matcha tea. I also listed below the recipe to how I made my tea. I really enjoyed it.


I was mailed a sample of their matcha, which was apple flavored. I received it on September 15th, and had a hot matcha latte. And it was amazing.


final tea kettel

How to make the MyMatcha Skinny Tea:


  1. Boil fresh water. (My grandma wanted me to use filtered water.)
  2. After it is boiled I poured the hot water in and whisked in the matcha with a fork (we don’t have an actual whisk… )
  3. To add some flavor I added a splash of almond milk.

And enjoy!


* Note * there are several other ways to make matcha, this is just the way I made it when I drank this.


Also since I moved, I have been bloated. My grandmother makes amazing bread. And drinking the matcha tea, and after a few ish hours. I felt less bloated. Honestly. It also gave me a clear mind and better mood. Who would say no to that?


I highly recommend this to anyone who has a mental illness and is finding ways to maintain a happier mood. It 100% helped shift my mood in just seconds after I finished apple flavored My Matcha Skinny Tea.




For more information please visit the My Matcha Website: https://www.mymatchaskinnytea.com/products/original


Keep Smiling.





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