The College Talk Series

Hey Y’all

I thought for a really long time and even slept on it and I decided to write a series. And talk about internships and their importance, along with other life lessons you might learn while in college. I have had the opportunity of having a really great and fun internship. One that has impacted my career in writing for the better. In this series I am going to talk about important college life lessons. But first Internships.

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I want to add that Internships to me are important. However not every school has the same requirements. At UTA Internships were optional. And at the university I want to graduate from (yes I will have attended 2 different Universities by the time I graduate) Internships are a requirement. So I would suggest before we get to deep into the world of internships, you look at your college major requirements at your school.

So for starters, have an idea of what your looking for. It’s technically job hunting but instead of getting paid your looking at college credit. With that said, say you go to XYZ company, and they don’t give out college credit to their interns. But the ABC Corp. does.

I would highly suggest going with the one that does. Why? Because if your school doesn’t require an internship but its optional. And say you transfer (like me!) then when you get to a school that does require an internship you have that down. And lets say you take another internship as an option. You already have experience, and it puts you ahead in the game!

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Secondly, Is it paid? If you are going to get paid ask them about the w-2. now there are completely different from a 1099 form. 1099’s don’t just take out you’re taxes. So nice tip is to save your money and spend it wisely. If the XYZ Company Is going to pay you, make sure you know all the deets first and up front. This is something I never did. And it bit me in the but. w-2’s are tax forms but there are several kinds. Know which one it is and base your budgeting around that. if it is a 1099 form know how much you need to take out each month. Also know the differences between bi-weekly and bi-monthly.

Lastly, Know what your tasks are and know how many hours you will be required to be there. Say your internship is during fall time and you have a full class load. And your required to be there for 10 hours per week. Break that down between days and how many hours a day you will need to be there.

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In the end Internships are fun, life lessons you will take with you beyond college. Its a good way to get your name out there and get people noticing you and what you have to offer. Know your skills and know how to write a decent resume.

Keep Smiling!


2 thoughts on “The College Talk Series

  1. An internship is required for my masters program! Finding one was sooo stressful, I’m glad that part’s over with. Now that I’m in the middle of it, I find that keeping expectations clear and maintaining a detailed hour log are helping me feel more organized about the whole experience.

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