Concealer Review: Sonia Vs. Tart.

As some of you know I am obsessed with Sonia Kashuk products. I literally can go on and on about why I love it so much. They are inexpensive and cruelty free, which is a bonus. And to be honest I had no idea that Tart was cruelty free as well, which I then decided I am going to finally do this concealer review. One that I have been wanting to do for a while now.

When I first got into buying Sonia kashuk it was originally their concealer. I didn’t really wear any before. At the time I don’t think I had a reason. Then I noticed a blemish spot and it wouldn’t go away. So I then got into my car and drove to target and the rest is pretty much history.

So if you know anything about this makeup line you would know they have two different types of concealer. They have a stick, and one that has an applicator built into it. When I tried this I had to try it for a really long time and I bought it specifically to try. Its been like a year now. and I still am questioning it.

Sonia Kashuk Concealer stick.

sonia kashuk concelar stick

Sonia Kashuk® Take Cover Concealing Stick • Sonia Kashuk • $8.99

Pro: I like how it is a stick, and its super easy to use. and there is literally no mess. I use a flat concealer brush to apply and then I will take a beauty blender and blend it out. Works every time.

Con: When you run out you will need to use the concealer brush to get more of the product out. However I really do not mind it that much.

Final Thoughts: I have used this for a really long time and I really enjoy this. But I love Sonia Kashuk in general.

Sonia Kashuk Concealer Applicator Stick

sonia kashuk-ball point pen

concealer pen open. .jpg

Sonia Kashuk® Take Cover Concealing Stick • Sonia Kashuk • $8.99

Pro: Ballpoint pen-esk and I like how it comes with an applicator attached.

Con: Honestly it’s a little messy. You also do not know when your about to run out. And to be honest there isn’t a real way to clean the sponge that is attached.

Final Thoughts: I love Sonia Kashuk, and I honestly am still trying to figure out this one. I do honestly like it. But there are aspects to it that I am not sure about. But to be honest I would stick to the classic concealer stick.

Tinted Cosmetics creaseless Concealer



Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer • Tarte • $26

Pro: To be honest I will be purchasing this again. I love the coverage, and how crisp it makes my skin looks (dispite my acne flair ups lately.)

Con: The tube it comes in is a little hard to get the product out of. Be prepared to squeeze the product out of this thing.

Final Thoughts: Other than the packaging issue I do love the product. This was also my first tinted cosmetics purchase, so I was really excited to get this


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