When Your Feeling Burnt out.

I was reading a blog post about how to “slow your role.” And It got me to thinking. What about when you feel burnt out? I have been there. Done that. Wore the t-shirt. Then got to thinking, and I decided I would jot down some of my personal warning signs that when I am getting quote on quote “burnt out” And how I combat the feeling of being burnt out.

More millennials (I.E 18-29 years of age…) need to understand this feeling. And how to feel like it is the first day of school again. Weird comparison. I know. We as a generation need to understand it is completely okay to slow down and enjoy the roses. So to speak.


For me I honestly can tell you I didn’t know I was burnt out. It just happened, and to tell you the truth, that’s the case for most. Others it’s a feeling like you are just bored, tired and exhausted.


I also didn’t want to leave out good ways to heal your self after being burnt out. I feel like that might help others who read this understand how to properly heal your self, or even notice the signs of being burnt out. Which might help you get back in the game and give above satisfactory work.


Bad Habbits
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At the time I was working as a paid intern, and I had to be there no later than 8 am. And I started coming into work late because I “kept sleeping threw my alarm.” It was horrible. Not only that I over worked my self in terms of school. I was going to school about an hour or so away and having to drive an hour to get to work at a specific time. It was just miserable. And it just made me not want to go to work or even school. So for what ever you are doing, noticing when your over working your self is a good sign in its self that you need to slow down.



I had an editorial manager that just threw projects my way. I loved being able to do fun projects, because to me it meant I was doing something right. But I was also in the middle of a crazy school semester. And I ended up hitting a wall and was so tired all the time and had so much on my plate that I personally didn’t know what to do and how to get things organized. I looked over worked. And to tell you the truth I probably smelt over worked. (I.e A lot of coffee…)



Those are three things I remember hearing from close friends and family. And it always annoyed me when people asked me that. I wanted to look professional, and like I knew what I was doing. But my hair was always a mess. I never looked put together most days and I smelt like burnt coffee. Now this is where I think I spun out to be honest. I eventually started making irrational choices and acting poorly. I wasn’t putting out satisfactory work not only for work but school as well. I failed miserably. And the biggest disappointment I didn’t want to hear from was my self. And I took that out on my self.


Now this is where I switch from habits that people who might be showing that they may or may not be burnt out. And the reason why I say may not. Is because there might be something else going on. And if so then I urge you to go and talk to them.


From Habits to Healthy Work Space.
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For me my break was not really traditional. Well to me it wasn’t, I don’t know if it was a traditional break. I ended up really focusing on my self and my mental health. I thought deep down about what I truly wanted career wise and I found that Fashion PR is the route I want to take. I urge you if you feel bored or tired all the time in terms of work. Think about what career path will make you the happiest. Work is work, but we spend most of our days at work. And you don’t want to do something that makes you bored or tired all the time. Take a break and truly think about what it will take to get you that dream job.


And by break I don’t mean go quit your job. Take a weekend trip somewhere. Write your thoughts down. Decompress. RELAX! Turn off technology! That was one thing I did. I turned off my social media and really figured it out. And by all means DO NOT QUIT YOUR JOB. There is still hope. Believe me.



The reason why I say therapist instead of a friend is because of a couple of things. A therapist is trained in to helping you out. And a friend may or may not know what it is that will be the best for you. A therapist will help you figure that out. And for me it helped me not only figure out what career path I wanted it also helped me understand why I got burnt out. And since I moved cities, I am going to get a new one. So I don’t get burnt out again.



For me I wish I spoke up to my bosses and told them “hey I understand I work really hard here but…” I was not only in school, but I was technically a paid intern. I didn’t need that much work in the first place. If you speak up it will not only tell your boss you have too much work on your plate but it will help you out in the long run. It’s okay to speak up and say hey sir/ma’am is it okay if I pass this project to someone else? My dad is a sales manager at a big construction company. And if one of his employees asked him that he would be like oh! Okay, and ask them where he/she is at on the project that he/she is wanting to pass of to someone else.


It’s also very okay to leave a few unfinished projects. As long as you have a due date for when they need to be finished then that’s okay. Also talk to your boss about them. If you have an issue and you are in school speak with your professor. They are there to help for a reason.


At the end of the day being burnt out isn’t a pretty look. I had a business communication professor tell me last year that being burnt out is not fun, nor glamorous. We as millennials are so focused on “hussling for money, and success” that we forget to take time for our selves or even the bigger picture. Knowing how to slow down and enjoy the roses or enjoying life makes it more fun.


Since then I created this blog and I have a dog. Moved to a new city and focusing strictly on my career and my family and my relationship with Christ. And it’s made a huge difference in my life. One that I am truly proud of.

I hope you all enjoyed this!

Keep Smiling!



2 thoughts on “When Your Feeling Burnt out.

  1. I really enjoyed this post, I get burnt out all the time. I just can’t stop- if I have a break from school or work I start doing other projects and end up getting overwhelmed. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who just needs to stop and breathe. I will definitely refer back to this when I feel that way 😊


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