Fall Favorites

With fall now in full swing I figured I would do a favorites of things that I am looking forward too this fall. What are your favorites?

Pumpkin Spice Lattes

adriana calvo.png
Adrianna Calvo

I think this is the one thing I am looking the most forward too. I am not a cold person. I have always been a summer person. But Texas is so back and fourth from hot and cold, that’s why I love it when they make “iced pumpkin spice lattes.” I do not know about y’all but it is the best.



If you do not know I took a break from school earlier this year. (spring semester) Which makes going back for the fall semester even better. I am a Public Relations Major for those of you all that do not know. So I am trying to finish my basics then I am planning on transferring to University of Houston in about a year and a half. I also am planning on getting an internship, So as of right now I am keeping my options open and finishing school.

Leather jackets

<a rel=”noopener noreferrer” target=”_blank” href=”https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=662627408&pid=uid8369-40025537-31″>Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket • LOFT • $100–128 </a><br>

In case you missed my “fall basics” (insert shameless plug here… ) Then you might have missed this beauty. I have always wanted a leather jacket. So when I saw this I was like “ I have to have it!” and good news it comes in black!


Cold mornings.

cold mornings.jpg

Also if you missed it I recently moved down to Houston. I am very lucky my area didn’t get that much damage from #HurricaneHarvey. Also if you have anything you would like to donate, please do. The red cross is a good place to donate too. I know a lot of people who are now able too return to their homes would love cleaning supplies and food. also do not forget the furry friends! animal food even toys would be good! ( I would also throw in feed for farm animals as well in the mix) However I feel like with fall officially running the show that this new season is a new start so to speak. not only for you guys but for the Harvey evacuee’s. I pray for a new start for the families!

Thank you for reading!

keep smiling!



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