5 Essential Fall Time Wardrobe Options

Hey Y’all,

I literally was not prepared for this week at all. Like it was so strange, maybe it is the eclipse? So last week I stocked up on blog posts for the fall semester but forgot to write one for this week… (oops!) So I googled blog post ideas, and this one popped up, and I was like…HEY, that is a good idea, so here we are.


Faux Leather motorcycle Jacket $128

I Literally just bought this, and when I saw this I was like “I need to have this.” I got it in this blush color and I love it. Its my new go too item for the fall time. Hence why it is number one. It is by LOFT. and like half of my closet is from there. 🙂


military jacket
Levi Military Jacket

The military jacket I got years ago, Its by the brand Levi and its one of those jackets you really need in your closet. Because during the winter/ fall months this becomes one of those really fun items that you can play around with. I actually tried to find it, however it isn’t listed on the website anymore. So I have tagged a list of there current jackets that are out for the fall time.


STOCK PHOTO: Haleyephelps, http://www.idpinthat.com/edit/24725

Currently do not have any at the moment. But this time next week I bet you I will… Hopefully… 🙂 They can be worn in any time of the year. I am obsessed with them. literally. When my old ones broke I was heartbroken. And its been nearly a year with out them. They are my fall time go too’s.


Marled sweatshirt sweater-$59.50

I can live in sweaters, how ever since moving to Houston I have been told that I wont be getting that much wear out of them. But Fall time cant come soon enough I can not wait to wear these little pups.



Now I have had these for years… and I mean years. I also hope that these will retire this year. My goal is to buy a new pair this year. Don’t even ask me what brand these are because they are so old that the soul of the shoe is about gone. I was given these in my senior year of HS. I am currently 24 years old, if that helps you guys.

That is my top 5 go too fall items. Just know, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are almost here. And since I am posting this on the Eclipse day, Have fun!

Keep Smiling!


15 thoughts on “5 Essential Fall Time Wardrobe Options

  1. You’ve got me itching for Autumn! I like the military jacket and I love the boots!!!! I cannot wait for sweater weather. Just about two weeks ago I got all my sweaters out to check for issues and sizes and all. It’s way early. We don’t really get an Autumn here, so I won’t be able to wear my sweaters until late December, early January. But I still get excited.

    BTW, I’m here from the beauty community on FB.

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