24 things I have learned in 24 years.

So my birthday was on July 6th, And I figured I would do this things I learned in “such and such years.” So anyways. To start out this fun filled post. I want to share that I moved! To Houston, and with that said I have to transfer. Literally everything. That means school, finding a new therapist and psychiatrist. Work. Etc. Luckly the only thing I didn’t have to transfer was my blog. (also, I am going to start adding pictures like this down below to the blog.. )



  1. Life is going to be hard. But knowing how to manage the ups and downs make’s it worth while.
  2. People will leave your life and come into your life. Don’t fret on letting go.
  3. Don’t let the negative comments hurt you. Don’t listen to them in general.
  4. If you believe you can do it. Then do it. Don’t let people get in the way of your success.
  5. Sometimes the best cure for any bad day is a wiggly puppy.
  6. Education is seriously important.
  7. Therapy also works. Dispite what people might think
  8. Listen to your instincts. 99.9% of the time your right.
  9. Dancing is indeed a sport. And should be apart of the Olympics. If cheerleading is considered a Olympic sport then so should dancing.
  10. People can seriously be jerks and sometimes will use you to what ever advantage the want. All you have to do is stand up for your self. There is no better quality in a person then one that can stand up for them selves, to bullies.
  11. NO MEANS NO!
  12. You are beautiful inside and out. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.
  13. If you want to go out with no make up on. Then you surely can. Because a natural face is pretty too.
  14. Singleness is fun too.
  15. Go to church when you can. Having a relationship with Christ is important. If you don’t want to go to church, listing to gospel music, reading a bible can help your relationship with Christ grow.
  16. Ex’s can be really good friends too.
  17. Don’t be afraid of moving to a new city. Because you never know what will happen.
  18. Country music is pretty cool.
  19. If you were a Jonas brother fan. Don’t be ashamed of it.
  20. Braces don’t correct everything.
  21. Alcohol isn’t all that its cracked up to be.
  22. Enjoy the time you have with your parents
  23. If you can, go to a Pat Green concert. You wont regret it. Also add stage coach to your bucket list.
  24. don’t ever give up on what you want to do with your life. just don’t. trust me.

I hope you all enjoyed this

Keep Smiling!



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