New Year, New Set Of Goals.

2016 is finally over! What a year, probably one of the hardest and most horrible years for a lot of people, my self included. So I want to take this time to write down my new year’s goals. And I figured I would share them with you all.

But first a little announcement, I am not attending school this spring semester, *GASP* I am taking a semester off and I will be going back in the spring mini/summer time. And will be going to school next fall. This wasn’t an easy decision but there are some personal matters that I need to attend too first before finishing my degree. However do not worry I will finish my degree!

So lets get started?

  1. Start going to therapy.
  2. Try to start a work out regimen.
  3. Get back into going to church and find a new church.
  4. Read more educational books.
  5. Learn new video editing skills.
  6. Grow my relationship with new people and Jesus.

So now that I have these listed I think explaining why these are my goals is another thing to talk about huh?

I first want to say thank you for reading my blog this year! You all have made this fun little hobby of mine a lot of fun!


Therapy, your probably scratching you head like why therapy, this is a personal reason. However therapy is a good tool to use when you feel like going. I am in search of a good one and I am excited about this new adventure that I am going to be going on.

Working out

Well this is a no brainer, because I want to be and stay fit and healthy. And with this I want to start to eat healthy too!

Going back to church.

When I started this blog I had the intention to talk about my relationship with Christ. This was a suggestion by a old friend and ex roommate. That however did not happen. But I do miss going to church and being active in a bible study. So with this being said. I am going to try to find a church and be actively involved again. And hopefully meet some new friends.

Reading Books

This I am not going to discuss a whole lot on, but I really enjoy reading books, and I really want too read more books in my spare time instead of mindlessly scrolling threw instagram and twitter all day.

Editing Skills.

I am roughly still new to the YouTube scene, and I have watched youtubers grow and die off on the site for years so trying my hand at it has been rough, so I want to better my editing skills, and with this I need to find filming camera and with that takes time and money. One day I will get a good camera, till then I am filming off of my phone and my computer. So this will be good practice for when I have a good quality camera.

Relationships with new people and with Jesus Christ.

So I think I am going to talk about my relationship with Christ first, I used to have a really good relationship with Christ, and I was really proud of my spiritual growth too. But with some personal stuff I ended up quitting my old church and loosing a dear friend who broke all of his promises. So my goal is to get plugged into a new church and make some new friends and see where Jesus and God want me to go in this crazy life. I know this is the first time I have spoken of my relationship with Christ, so I hope you all are okay with it!

I love you guys! I hope you all enjoy! Be on the look out for a new vlog coming up!



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