Life Update// How To Get Through the Holiday Season|

Hey y’all

So I meant to write this Monday night but passed out basically all day. So I am currently writing this the day it goes up. I am a little nervous to say this, but I currently no longer work as a lifeguard. A few personal things came up and my mother and I both decided it was in our best interest that I no longer work there. I also decided I will not go into any detail in this in a blog post now or in the future. And as of a job, that is also not going to be talked about right now.

I also want to add thank you to those who read my blog, and watch my videos. It really means a lot. I honestly do not know how I can thank you! It really means a lot to me that you guys come to this site every time I post a video or a blog post.

Anyways… lets get started!


Just like anything else being organized is key, having an idea of what your getting friends and family is one thing you could do. Making a list of meals your going to cook so you know exactly what you need to buy. Having a set day to put up the tree, or even doing small tasks to get ready for Christmas morning.

I know my step mom does this every year, she wraps the presents literally the night before. So, try wrapping them when you purchase it and it will prevent people from peeking in the gifts.

2.Online vs. in an actual store.

When I worked in retail I remember it being mega crazy. So I would suggest checking online before going into the store, chances are you will find what your looking for before going into there.

I also will say if a employee says they do not know what your looking for chances are they probably do not work in that department very much. I remember being yelled at because a customer asked for a very specific item and I suggested very calmly that she could try online. She ended up finding it and yelling at me and yelling at my boss. He even told her that I am not in that department very much and that I do not know those items very well (disclaimer, It was the children’s department. I do not have kids and they tried to put people who have kids or are married to be over there.

The reason why I was over there that night was because out of all the employees closing that night I knew how that department worked.) So try online before going into a store

3.Giving Back.

This season I want to challenge you to try to give back. When I lived with my parents I always did something this time of year to try and give back. However since I moved towns (back in August) I wont be able to this year, however next year, I defiantly will. This year I wanted to get a feel for this area before I donated anything. You could volunteer your time with your church or an organization in your town or even donate canned foods and toys to those less fortunate


This is my first apartment by my self and I felt like I should show you how I decorated it this season, so enjoy!



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