Retail Guide: How To Survive Black Friday


Happy Thanksgiving you guys!

Who here has never worked a black Friday before? Who here has worked it and is totally scared?

Good news, I have worked plenty of them and I have some tips and tricks to help you survive the dreaded holiday starter known as black Friday.

I used to work for TJ Maxx in a small Texas town. And I worked their black Fridays for 8 hours. I was there till at least 10 every weekend. And if I could rewind time back to when I worked for them I would do it instantly. It was by far the best job ever. And I loved working black Friday because of these tips I developed. I hope you have an awesome day and good luck if you are working black Friday!


#1 You will sweat

My first black Friday was a 8 almost 9 hour shift. I worked for TJ Maxx at the time and I thought it was a good idea to dress cute. And were as that is a good logical reason, you will be there for at least 8 hours for your shift. (it will get crazy.) dress cute, yes. But warning you will sweat and it wont be fun. So hair up, And make up to a minimal.


#2 Surviving an 8 hour shift on Black Friday.

When I worked at TJ Maxx the first black Friday I worked I had no idea what I was in for. I remember walking in wearing boots (riding boots) Black pants and a sweater and my hair was curly. And I remember seeing people running everywhere. And all the registers were backed up. So refer to my number one. You will sweat.


#3 How to not crack under pressure.

Occasionally you will get a customer who will want something for basically for free, or will say that it was somewhere where it wasn’t supposed to be. Keep in mind that the store is currently crazy. And other employees are doing the best they can to keep it clean and running smoothly. Also keep in mind your bosses are probably more stressed than you are. And you will get these types of customers. So keep your cool. If you have to ask your front end a question or bring him/her in to do amazing customer service. Go for it. But don’t let them completely run you over. You are in control.


#4 Getting a good break.

Chances are your lunch or 15 is going to be late. At least mine was. I remember being so sweaty and chugging water. So stay hydrated. And don’t stress your self out during this time. Read a book, study for finals. Don’t get on social media, this will add to the stress. Relax. Literally.


#5 During Closing time.

When I worked for TJ Maxx on black Friday was the beginning to the holiday hours. Now its been a hot minute since I worked for them, I don’t know if this is still the case. During closing time, it was dead. It went dead around 8:00. Most of the deals were running out at other stores. Like, Walmart of Target or even Best Buy. And TJ Maxx’s deals lasted during all of Christmas. So take advantage of this. Clean the best you can. And prepare for the next day.


#6 Home!

So you made it! I remember when I got home and sat down it felt like I had not sat down all day. And I wanted to chill and sleep. I normally ate dinner and went to bed instantly. So take advantage of it. Chances are your working the rest of the weekend. So take advantage of this moment. Silence. I remember sitting in my room as I ate dinner in complete silence. And it was the best moment ever.


Love you guys! Thank you so much for reading my posts and subscribing. It really means a lot to me!


Happy Holidays!

Christina Loveless


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