My Favorite Halloween Moments + Traditions


Hey Y’all


So sorry that I didn’t post this yesterday, I was in the Doctors office basically all morning and then sat in the Wal-Mart Pharmacy for an hour waiting on some medicine because I somehow got an allergic reaction on my arm. If you want to see what It looks like check out my Snap Chat, and go to my twitter to see it.

So from the title you are probably wondering what I am going to be talking about today. Well little bumble bee I am going to tell you!


Growing up until I was about I think 13 every Halloween me and my brother or when my step brother moved into the party we would get dressed up in what ever costume you could think of and we would walk around the neighborhood, and go door to door. And the neighborhood that I grew up in still does this. Now there are some weird neighbors who go to this new thing called Trunk or Treat. I personally think that is fine but. Growing up there was nothing more fun than getting to stay out at all hours of the night getting to go get candy from your friends house.


I remember one Halloween I wanted to be a cat. My Mamow got gloves, and super glued fake nails to these gloves, I think I had these till I was in the 6th grade. Then I took off the fake nails and wore the gloves at football games for Drill Team. I think if I am mistaking I got in trouble for “wearing non issued uniform during a performance.” Because sitting in the stands we are still considered “performing.” I was rookie sophomore, I think I got off with a warning.


Anyways. I remember that night being a cat for Halloween. And being so cold. That I ended up wearing my dads red boat jacket. (and that thing was WARM!) There was a haunted house at the end of the street and a elderly couple lived there. It was strobe light, and they had a warning for if you suffered from seizures to not go in. Me my dad and my brother went in and my friends scared me when I got out because I didn’t know that they had gone in there before I did. I think I didn’t go to bed till like 4 am. (the next day was a Saturday) I slept all day the next day and had a chocolate hangover.


When I got too old to go trick or treating I would walk my step brother house to house to go trick or treating, and I think I hated it. Because I so desperately wanted candy. So my step mom and I would steal his. Now my step brother was not pleased with this. And don’t worry your little stinger, he had plenty of candy too.


When my step brother got to be too old and my brother moved to Houston to live with my mother, My step brother and my parents would either put on baseball and have steak and pass out candy or watch Freddy Krueger and eat popcorn and drink soda. I think my step brother cried during that movie. And me being whelp me, I think I just enjoyed being able to watch a movie with my family. And that is not common of us to watch movies like that. Ever.


Now, being an adult and living alone for the first time, I do not know what my new Halloween traditions would be. What I might do, go get stuff to make butter beer and get all the Harry Potter movies and watch them by my self. (Being Halloween is on a Monday an all) And study.


I hope you enjoyed this.

My first Halloween costume BTW was a fairy princess, and then I was it again I think when we moved back to Texas.


Thank you for Checking out my page!

Christina Loveless.





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