Where Have I Been?// My Planner Routine


Hey Y’all,


So, School started. And it has lead me to be super busy through the past few weeks. So I am struggling to find time to write a blog posts and film videos. I have an idea for my 1-year blogaversary (which isn’t till April 2017 might I add) And I have it written.

And I found a cheap camera that I am now saving up for. So be ready for a good quality pictures and videos. (I am thinking that it is going to be my Christmas present for my self) And I might buy it a little before Christmas so I can get pictures of Athena on her doggy birthday (December 17th) I have so many ideas for the blog that I am so excited!


Now a little announcement, this might sound a little redundant, or a bit of information that you guys probably will not care too much about. I have decided for when I do reviews on products I am going to write them in AP.


Now your next question is probably “well what is AP?” AP is a style of writing that journalist use. Now I am a lifestyle and beauty blogger. So it makes sense for when I do reviews on products that I buy (now I go out and buy them my self, and I review them. I have a few on my blog already) and I review that.


And I personally think that it should be in AP. I knew AP before my reporting class, And even before I started this blog. And I have recently been getting back into it in this class, and it reminded me of how easy it is to read and how simple it is to write. And I love AP better than MLA (which is the standard of writing in which we are taught.) So that’s a little update on my life and blog and you tube channel.


Now for the second part.

How do I plan my weeks?


I personally love the Erin Condren planners, but I haven’t found time to order a new one in like a year and a half so I have been using the generic ones you get from like target or office max.


I start off by knowing my work schedule. And I will go threw and write them down and and have my school schedule written underneath that. (as seen in the picture!)


Then anything I have to do that week is written on the side in list form. So I know what needs to be done that day, like pay bills or make an appointment for Athena or what I need to do for the blog or even as simple as homework.


And as the day’s go one I will add things mark off things. I tried color-coding it. But honestly. That took to much time. And I do not have that kind of time. So I do not color code. Now when I plan out blog post or videos I will take a sticky, Yellow for the posts and blue for the videos, this helps remind me to write or film. Sundays are my filming day. (depending on what I am filming.) And I will plan out my week on Sunday night.

So that is what I do to plan out my weeks, I hope this was helpful and you all understood it!

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See you Thursday,





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