20 Things You May Not Know About Me

Hey y’all

So incredibly sorry that I have been MIA, I have been mega busy, Anyways Part two of the moving vlog is live! And I have an announcement! I have a twitter and a instagram directly for this blog! I will be posting on there, and I want to hear from you guys! I will have a link for them here on my blog.

But they are,

Twitter: @bbrunetteblog

Instagram: @bbrunetteblog


So feel free to tweet me and comment on my instagram, I want to hear from you all!


So today’s video is the second part of me moving. And next week is the long awaited Apartment Tour! So lets get started in the 20 things you may not know about me?


  1. I love to write (incase you cant tell) it’s something I have always loved doing and I always got good grades in my English classes when I was in grade school.


  1. I am a country girl. I was born literally in the textbook definition of country. I was born in Lubbock County Texas on July 6th.


  1. I love reading. I have 2 to 4 boxes full of books in a storage unit. And lets just say my parents are not very pleased with the amount of books I have. (Some of them are college textbooks I have saved.)


  1. My favorite book is the outsiders, and I love the movie as well, and if you saw my first you tube video, then you know I got to meet the guy who played pony boy, C. Thomas Howell.


  1. I am obsessed with coffee…


  1. I hate doing laundry, but I hate having dirty clothes.


  1. I am a neat freak, if my room/apartment is messy I will freak out! Not going to lie.


  1. I had a roommate, but that didn’t work out (I can do a story time on it.)


  1. I love having tea at night before bed, and I think during the winter/fall time I might get apple cider.


  1. My current Apartment is my first apartment totally by my self


  1. I love living on my own. Its seriously the most fun I have ever had!


  1. I hate grocery shopping. It literally will be the death of me at some point.


  1. I hate spending money belive it or not. But I am a shopaholic.


  1. on my bucket list I want to open up my own online store.


  1. I love learning new things.


  1. I detest math. It’s the worst thing ever to me (in my own opinion.


  1. My favorite movie is The Longest Ride, In fact in my entry level Public Relations class I got a movie size actual movie poster during a lecture presentation. Its my all time favorite.


  1. Athena is actually my second dog, I have a dog at my mothers house (actually its me and my brothers dog) her name is Ollie, and we call her our little Italian Sausage.


  1. Deleting my Facebook was the best decision I have ever had.


  1. I hate spiders and I love giving presentations (I get it from my Dad, lol)

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