Current Favorite’s



Hey Y’all,

Long time, I am so sorry about that! Things have been Totally Crazy! Do you like the new layout? yeah! me too!

Well lets get started okay? okay.

Todays post is all about favorites! I figured since this is my birthday month I would share my favorites and what I got for my birthday!


Kendra Scott Color Pop Necklace and Earrings

Kendra Scott Color Pop.png

My step mom bought me these for my birthday, and ever since I have been obsessed with wearing them! Also, I am obsessed with wearing the earrings, now I don’t go to too many events to wear them, but once school comes around these bad boys will be coming out and will be worn every day!


James Avery Ring


This is my promise ring, it was a gift from my parents when I turned 21. Because that was when I was baptized and came to Christ. I have lost it a time or too, but found it again. It’s a good thing to have and too remember.


Record Player // Records


Now I got this for Christmas and the reason why was because I wanted to start collecting Vintage records. I have like maybe 40 or so records that were once my mothers, my favorite is the grease record. I did purchase two recently from Urban Outfitters and they are Taylor Swift. Now ironically I purchased them during the Calvin sub-tweets. Which I didn’t know anything about till after I got home. But they sound so good on record than on the radio. In my opinion.


The Dogist

The Dogist

This is not only a another blog but its also a book, Instagram, Facebook, you name it. and I started to follow them on instagram and I became obsessed, quickly I learned there is also a book! It made me super happy when I found it. I have been obsessed with this book.




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