My Morning Routine

Daily Morning Routine!

Hey Y’all so a couple of weeks ago I talked about a daily night routine that I do. Well I figured I would tell you all about my daily morning routine.

My Alarm:

I start my days at 7am… yes 7am, I have spent years getting up way earlier than that but 7 am is still hard for me to wake up. I try to snuggle (yes i cuddle with my pup, she loves cuddling with me, i am her dog mom of course!) for 15 or so min with my dog and 7:15 my second alarm will go off and this is when I will turn on the light and just try to adjust to the light. I wont officially get out of bed till like 7:30.


This is when I will make a cup of coffee with my Kureg. I seriously love this thing I got this for Christmas. And I will not go a day with out this. Yes I will spend 10 dollars on bunch of pods of coffee. They are seriously the best! I had community coffee’s chicory coffee pods for a while but I can not find them any where other than wall-mart right now though I do have community coffee, coffee pods. And I will sit outside while I drink my coffee. And I will read news or check social media.


After I finish drinking my coffee I will go inside and take a shower and start getting ready for work. After I shower I will get dressed and I will put on my make up. And I let my hair air dry, because my blow dryer broke over spring break I just haven’t gotten a new one yet. But having you’re hair air dry is actually supposed to be really good for you.

Athena’s time:

After I am ready for the day I will get my dog and take her outside to use the restroom and then we will come inside and I will let her eat, and then put her up and I will head out to go to work. Or I will sit down and write a blog post or try to film.

See you all next time!





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