My Most Used Apps!

Hey Y’all

First of all i want to say sorry for posting the Video and the blog post so late, i was at a friends place Monday till yesterday. any ways!

I hope you all enjoyed my first video! I will eventually get an actual camera and film a better video for you all.

So today’s post is about the apps on my phone that I use the most, and Wednesday is a full on “what’s on my I-phone video”

So here are five apps that I use the most. That is excluding social media.



I am obsessed with this app! I literally use this every day. Weather it is at work or me trying to find different music to listen too. I use this every day.

Podcast app


I also use this every day, I am trying to find more news media pod casts so I can listen too them in the morning while I drink my coffee, or getting ready for work. If you know any that you think are totally amazing please feel free to tell me!

You tube


When I am at work I will either be on my phone or my computer and if I am on my phone I will use this to pass time.



I will get junk mail from time to time, that are sometimes funny other times not so much. And I check this basically every day. I have posted some funny junk mail pictures that I have gotten on my social media. One of them his cat died. But I could get a really fantastic scholarship. I thought that was the most interesting by far.

News apps


I love reading and learning new things, especially that happens in our world or environment. so I do use this a lot!


Christina Loveless




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