My Daily Night Routine!

Hey Y’all

So SO sorry I have been MIA, I have been dealing with a lot of stuff recently, if you haven’t noticed on twitter that is… sorry I will try to tweet to a minimum. 🙂

So for today’s post I thought I would tell you all about my night routine. so lets get into it!

I get off work around 8:00 most nights, I work on a military base with my roommate and a few friends, and we are life guards on base. It’s really fun! I am a social butterfly I am one of those people where I will make friends basically anywhere I go.

So after work I head home and my drive is like maybe an hour or so, so I either get home like 8:45 to 9:00. The first thing I do is put my stuff down and either change out of my bathing suit and use the restroom. Then I let my puppy out of her kennel and we go out side for our nightly walk around my apartment complex. I try to do this, because she gets her energy out of her system and she stretches her legs, I also do not bring my phone this is where I try to disconnect my self from social media, and I will reflect on my day and I will try to think of new posts when I do this as well.

That takes like 15 min. when we get back I make my self dinner.

This is my favorite dinner currently. I make it basically all the time. I buy Tyson’s frozen chicken and I put lemon pepper seasoning on my chicken and its seriously the best thing ever!

I also like to have some sort of veggie with dinner so I will get another frozen thing of veggies, It doesnt matter what brand to me, as long as I have something green. I feel like and this is just me, I like to get frozen things because in my head they will last longer and you can just put them in the microwave. And since I live on my own and budget right now is to save as much as I can while I am in college getting frozen food is just better for not only me and my budget. And it tastes like I cooked it… kind of..

So after dinner depending if I took a shower or not I will take a quick shower and get into bed, I have insomnia so I do a lot of tossing and turning at night. So this part is where I will make some sleepy time tea. And depending on the day I will do this or if I am really tired I wont make it. while I sip on my tea I will either watch Hulu or Netflix and just relax. Now if it is during a school week then this is where I will do a little bit of homework or review notes while I watch something and drink tea. I like to multi task.

Now around this time It will be around midnight so normally my dog is laying on my bed and she knows when the lights go out she has to go to her dog bed. So I will turn off the lights and tuck me my self and my pup into our beds and go to sleep.

Well that is my night routine! I hope you enjoyed this!



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