May Bark Box Review

Hey y’all,

So SO Sorry I have been MIA recently, I had finals. So I needed to focus on them. SO excited this semester is finally over! YAHOO!!

Anyways I wanted to update you on our friends with BARK BOX! My pup Athena loves them. Last month we didn’t do a April Bark Box Review because, well my dog decided to eat them instead, it was cute, it was baseball themed for the week that baseball started up, we still have some treats from then. This month’s is Country Fair. Just in time for the summer. So we are going to break this down and show you what’s in the May Bark Box, I am so excited for June, I am really hoping its Rodeo Themed. Wouldn’t that be cute?


Benebone Peanut Butter Dog Chew


So to start this off I accidently got two. I had received an email from Bark Box asking if I wanted two of these Peanut Butter Chews. So there is your little story for that.


Butchers Block Bone

Beautiful Brunette

I am pretty sure this is from a pig of some sort. Athena loves this. She won’t play with any other toy. All she has done with it is walk around and make noises with this. I really think this was an A+ in my dog’s book. Honestly I think she wants to hide it. She attempted it earlier but I found it.

Update: while writing this post, she ate it. So this is literally gone!


Now the treats!

Donut Bites

Donut Bites By- Craft dog treatery

These are made by Craft Dog Treatery, And Athena was iffy at first but I think that’s because they are Gluten Free. But after a while she eventually ate them. And yes they are shaped like little donuts. Isn’t that cute?!


Caru Soft and Tasty Bites

Caru Soft and Tasty Jerky Bites

These are Gluten Free dog jerky bites. And my dog is obsessed with these. I even got her to do a “Creepy Crawl” for these. And if you don’t know what is a creepy crawl. It’s where the dog is laying down and she “creepy Crawls” for the dog treat.


Now, on to the fun part.


Gus the salt-water fish dog ball By Bark and Co.

Gus the Salt Water Gold Fish

The first one is I think my dogs new favorite dog toy, it’s a little big for her but she will play with it. My dog loves Fetch, so I think this is our new “fetch ball.”


Candy Apple Dog Toy by P.L.A.Y

Candy Apple

I think this is absolutely the most adorable dog toy I have ever seen. It’s a candy apple dog toy. You can visit their website at I don’t know what my dogs impression of this will be, but I will snap chat it. Or I will upload it to you tube so you all can see!!

*UPDATE* So I went and visited their website, and I will add, the stuff on there is just adorable! I’m defiantly going to buy a few things from them. So, Go and check it out! 

Any ways I will see you all soon!

Christina Loveless 


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