|My Make Up collection// Actual Skin Care Routine|- Updated

Hey Y’all,

So last week I shared a Hotel Room Skin Care Routine. Well I thought to stay on this skin care kick I would share with you my actual skin care routine. Plus add my makeup collection.

So I shower at night, because I would have to wake up super, SUPER Early if I shower in the morning, and I don’t know about you but I like sleep, and I am a commuter student, so I need as much sleep and {coffee} as possible!

Update: If you are here from my You Tube video then read through this, If you read this before, surprise! I have a You Tube Channel, but please feel free to the end of the post for the new additions to my collection!

Face Wash: Soap And Glory- Face Soap and Clarity


I love this stuff, I have oily to combo skin, and one thing I have learned is to not over dry my skin, but to not over hydrate my skin. And certain things can make my skin super oily. So this comes in handy, I started using this Thanksgiving 2015. This is all i use on my face when it comes to cleaning my skin. Because Toners dry out my skin.

Lotion: Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer Lotion


As of lotion i use this, i have been using this for a really long time and my skin hasnt gotten used to it yet. its really light on my skin, i use it at night and in the morning. so i go threw this stuff like no ones business. lol.


Okay now on to my small but growing Make up collection!

concealer: Sophia Kashuk- Take Cover Concealing Stick


Its about $8.00 on their website, also I believe its about the same at Target. I love this, it really works! I used to use the concealing quad, but I found this to be more helpful for me.


Use what your comfortable with. I love finding cool ways to do my make up! So just play with it!

Foundation: Sophia Kashuk Perfecting Luminous Foundation


Okay this I have a story behind I used to use concealer and BB Cream, and still do highly recommend this for people, because it lets your skin breath threw out the day. But I found that my schedule and wearing the BB cream didn’t give me the coverage I wanted, and since I was using Sophia Kashuk’s bb cream at the time, I decided to research their foundations. They have two, this one and Undetectable foundation stick. And I think that I am going to buy that one the next time I am at Target and try it and review it for you all. I love this foundation, I normally switch foundations a lot because I don’t want my skin to get used to a certain type of foundation but I have used this for almost a year and I love this and my skin loves this!


Okay, so use and find a foundation that goes with your skin type and skin tone. I can not stress this enough, because I have been there walking around thinking I had a {flawless} face but in reality my skin was orange and I looked like the 1980’s version of a oompaloompa. Not cute. Play with foundation. Plus its fun!

PLEASE NOTE if your in between foundation color’s you can mix them. I have a friend who was/is and at one of my best friends wedding I did her make up and I mixed her foundation with a lighter tone so she can have a nice clean, even foundation color. And her pictures looked {flawless}

Blush: Sophia Kashuk Blush


Okay I checked their website to see if it is on there, but it sadly isn’t, right now I use the Sophia Kashuk Blush I have literally have used this for a year, I used to use benefit’s blushes but I found that Sophia Kashuk has a cheaper dupe for the Benefit ones and I love them!

Okay now eye shadow. This depends on the day, I have brown eyes so I like to use nudes or dark colors sometimes I will use a eye shadow powder the same color as my lid if i am not feeling like doing much makeup one day. Lets break down the eye shadow pallets now shall we!

Eye Shadow box one: Lorac Holiday Collection 2014.



Sadly this was a limited edition. I got it for Christmas a year or so ago. And I use it when I want a darker look. I normally wear black, edgy colors, mainly because I enjoy wearing dark colors. This is a three piece quad box set. You might be able to find it online. Thats if you really want to hunt it down! (also sorry for the awkward pictures, the pictures are the pallets, but there was not any good pictures of them online so i took some pictures of my own.)

Box one: Plum Velvet


There is a sparkly champaign color, a sparkly tope, a sparkly darker tope and a velvet matt purple. I like to use this a lot. Minus the matt velvet purple. Although it is a pretty color, I just don’t think its an every day color for me. Maybe for special occasions.


Box two: Gold Satin


This would make a perfect NYE eye shadow combo, the colors are. A very natural matt white champaign color, a GOLD gold color, a copper gold color, and a matt black color with gold sparkles.


Box three: Silver Silk


I love this one, I have used this a handful of times, this one makes the perfect smokey eye. So the first color is a very beautiful sparkaly matt white color, a purplish silver, a copper/ purple color and finally a matt black.



Urban Decay Naked Basics


Okay so this one is basically my go too every day shadows. I have had this for a while now and I am just now about to run out, and honestly I want the full version.


Last eye shadow pallet: Sophia Kashuk sweet nothing.


This one I normally don’t really use, and if I use it I use some of the more matt colors. They are pretty colors I just don’t gravitate towards them as much. It’s a six piece eye shadow pallet set. The colors are a white matt color, a matt silver, a beige matt color, a light brown matt color, a pink champaign metallic color, and a brown metallic color.

Urban Decay Smoked.


Okay, so i don’t know when this came out, i do know i got this one year for christmas. and i love this pallet. the colors are very organized, and it goes from light to dark. i will say i use black door to fill in my eye brows, if that gives you a clear definition to how dark my hair is. i used to use the Anastasia eye brow filler, but it was too expensive for me. so i decided to find a dupe, and till i could find one i started to use back door, but i never did find one. so i stuck with this one! but i love this pallet, its really fun to come up with dark eye shadow looks with.

I do have a BH Cosmetics eye shadow set but its literally a lot of colors. I can do a review on the colors, i have had it for quit some time now. Its one of my favorite sets that i own. I am obsessed with eyeshadow sets. plus this one has some really pretty bright and fun colors and even some dark and sultry colors.


As of eye shadow primer I use stay don’t stray eye shadow primer by Benefit.


Eye shadow tip: Play with shadows, and go for what works for you, and what you like.


I don’t use lipstick, I do occasionally use chapstick but it is very rare that I will actually carry it around with me, mainly because I might actually loose them.

Added: Sophia Kashuk Liquid concealer


So I ran out of my favorite concealer and when I ran to target to get a new one I saw this, and I decided to try this out, and I must say I am in love with this. I use this literally every day!

Added: Elf green primer


This is my new secret weapon, This has literally changed the way I do my make up. So if you want a dupe to some expensive primer, then check out elf!



Anyways see you all soon!

Christina Loveless









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