Skin Care: Hotel Edition

Hey Y’all,

So a couple of weeks ago I went to San Angelo to celebrate my great grandmothers 95th birthday. And I forgot a couple of things, Shampoo, conditioner, face wash and body wash.

I normally don’t travel that much, and if I am traveling I am normally going to a cheer competition for my step brother or I am going to Houston to visit my mother, I am normally in a hotel maybe once or twice out of the year.

And I am fairly good at packing my essential items. This time I was in a rush and for got those essential items. So I went into the bathroom at the hotel and I found these bad boys, and I thought I would share these for those who do travel and end up forgetting these bad boys and instead of going to a wal mart or a target and buying a full size bottle of what ever I figured I would educate you all on the recent update that I notice in hotel bathrooms.

#1 Facial Bar

facial soap

So normally in Hotel bathrooms I look over these things mainly because I already have my own essential items with me when I go to new places. But in this case I didn’t have any, I was only there for one night so normally I would sleep in make up but since I was in a car most of the day and was out really late with family I needed to take my make up off. So I used this the night I was there and the next morning before heading home. I was really surprised of how well this worked.

#2 Make up remover wipe.



Honestly I have never seen these in a hotel room before so, I was actually surprised when I saw them. I normally don’t ever use these on my face because I have oily skin and this tends to dry up my face to a point that it makes my skin really, really itchy. But this actually was really cool when I used it. And I liked it a lot. So if you know where these are I would love to buy them in bulk!

#3 Paul Mitchell Shampoo


Now I have actually used a full size bottle of this shampoo before. And I loved it. It’s a little expensive for the average college student. But I loved it then and I love it now. If you see this in a hotel bathroom no worries, this is a high end shampoo bottle it wouldn’t surprise me if Mrs. Kim Kardashian West uses this brand.

#4 Lemon Sage Energizing Body Wash by Paul Mitchell

body wash

Okay, I was a little skeptical when I saw this one, I know who and what the brand Paul Mitchell is, but what I didn’t know is that he made body wash. That part threw me off quite a bit. But I actually really loved this!!

#5 Lemon Sage Energizing Body Lotion


I stick to my original statement above, except this is lotion. And I really loved this, and it smelled really REALLY good! Both the body wash and the lotion smelled amazing! So if you see this in a full size bottle pick it up, you’ll love it. Trust me!

#6 Paul Mitchell Conditioner


Just like the shampoo I have used this in a full size bottle, and I really liked it! and thought it was pretty cool!! So when I saw it in the hotel room I was staying in I was like hey! This is pretty neat!

So there you have it folks! A broken down item list of a hotel bathroom. Not to sound cheesy but I figured hey, I know there is a weird skeptic about hotel bathroom items when your traveling but I figured I would let you all in on the secret. Its just like the ones you buy from the store just, its in a smaller size bottle! So if your traveling in the near future don’t be afraid, or worried about how you will wash you’re hair or wash your face, your hotel has your back!


Until next time,

Christina Loveless


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