Bark Box

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I have been MIA lately, I have been really busy with a few things.

This post is not sponsored. I just really love this company! Any ways. A couple weeks ago my roommate/ Best Friend told me she ordered her dog a bark box, and she told me I should order mine one as well. So I did. This literally has to be one of the greatest things I have ever done. Any ways I am going to break this down a little for you all, incase there are any dog owners out there who have not heard of this.


This Bark Box is New York themed. Which came at a cool time. 6 years ago I went to New York, and 6 years later I guess New York missed me so it decided to come to me. Or my dog.


Liberty Ball


This ball has a Waba in it. Incase you don’t know what a Waba is, it is a dog toy that is literally a lifesaver when it comes to my dogs. They love Wabas. So much that the last ones that we got them they shredded.


Miss Annie’s Pretzels dog toy


I think this is a cute toy. If you have ever been to a mall you know the breaded pretzels that you can get and dip in melted hot cheese. Yes they have a dog toy now.


No Grainers NYC Jerky Chews.


These bad boys are dog treats that will clean your dog’s mouth. They smell fantastic. And both of the dogs love them.


Feel Good Treats Sandwich Shop


For some reason my dogs are obsessed with these treats as well. They literally stare at the container that my roommate and I put them in. yes they know where they are in our apartment. They love them.


The last one is a beef jerky stick.


These are packaged really cool you not only get one jerky stick you get two jerky sticks. They love these. And sadly I am going to have to order more very soon.


So another thing that Bark Box added to the box is special websites that you can go on


The first one is the Bark Shop. Here you can order collars, harnesses, leashes, treats, and toys. Anything you name it.


The second one is the Bark Post. Here you can share stories of your dog and videos too.


The last one is Bark Good. This is like Tinder but for dogs. If you are thinking about getting your little fur child another brother or sister this is a good app to use. There are plenty of dogs out there looking for homes. I personally downloaded this app just to see what it was. And I think this app is really cool. It’s free and in the App store for apple. If you have an android I think its there too. Go check it out!


Christina Loveless




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