Athena’s Story.

December 2015 is where this story starts. I had just moved out of my parents house and into an apartment, My roommate decided to get a dog, a pointer pit mix named Apollo.

I got a black and white boarder collie mix named Athena. Her kennel name was Elsie she was skinny super shy and partly bald. Yes bald, my dog has mange, and no it will never go away. Her condition does not effect other dogs, it only effects her and her alone.

The day I got her was intense, I passed a math final and wanted to go and save her from the shelter. My parents said no and my mamaw (grandmother for those who want to know) said go and do it. Your on your own sweet heart. So I cried for 30 minutes decided to whipe away my tears and head home. I had just got into town when my roommate called me and asked me “what would make you happy” My heart instantly told me to go and save her. See the first time I met my dog I instantly knew she was mine. I know she isn’t a human being but I love her just as if she was. I got to the shelter and looked for her high and low, and I asked a voulenteer who helped me when I met my dog. She told me to hold on and came back and said she was in the back.

Athena was in the back with all the other sick puppies. (scared you huh?) She came back with Athena and we played in the play area for 15 minutes but in my heart I knew I was taking her home. I told the handler that I wanted to adopt her. She told me hold on, and put Athena up and went to go and get her papers so I can begin the adoption process, it took about an hour. Finally I went and got Athena and put her in my car and we headed home.

Just like a small child I was a nervous wreck driving her home. This dog depends on me know, her vet bills, her food, water exercise the whole nine yards. My mom was the first person I called, and when my mom met her my mom told me straight up. What ever this dog needs I will be here for the both of you.

Athena was really hyper and wanted all the food in the world. My dad would just give her food till she had to puke. One thing I learned from adopting her and watching my roommate adopt Apollo was that you need to control their eating and food regulations. That is exactly what I did. My dad didn’t understand nor did my step mom. Now she is fat.

I have had Athena for over two months, and I have her demondex under control, and her personaility had defiantly come out. Adopting Athena has changed my life. I have noticed I am not all about my self, I have learned threw my dogs eyes that the world can not and should not be just black and white, you need to know who you are and love who you are. And that should come first.

If you or any one you know are thinking about adopting an animal please check out your local animal shelter.



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