Just The Beginning.

Bonjour My name is Christina, I am a 22 year old college student who is living on her own with her dog, roommates dog and a roommate.

Life is pretty crazy around here. Well I figured in order to start this blog off right I would type up my testimony or my story, so you guys can know who I am. I am a Christian, I believe in Jesus Christ, I love coffee, and writing. I started writing when i was fairly young, just like everyone else. In school.

I was born on July 6, 1993 in Lubbock Texas, I have two loving parents. A mom and a dad. My mom was a stay at home mom,(basically, honestly I don’t know what she did) My dad was a big agriculture guy, I believe at the time he worked at a pig breeding farm. I am not exactly sure where he worked to be honest.

Well about a year and a half after I was born we moved to Lancaster PA. Where my younger brother Gray was born on January 14th 1995. Things got pretty bad after this, my mom got really sick and my dad had to basically take care of all three of us. My mom could barley take care of her self yet alone two kids. It finally got down to a point where my dad asked him self “it’s the kids or his wife.”

Well soon after that we moved to Ft. Worth/ Arlington Texas area and we lived there while our house in Weatherford was being built. My dad got a job with a major construction company that sells expensive/ possibly highly explosive construction items.

Eventually my parents got divorced, my mom moved in with her parents in Houston Texas. And Gray my dad and I moved to a small little po-dunk town called Weatherford. My mom is better now.

Weatherford has grown, and a lot of famous people have lived here. Mary Martin who played the original Peter Pan on Broadway and her son Larry Hagman who was on the hit TV show Dallas. I have had family that has lived here prior to knowing this tid bit of information. But to be honest no one knows a whole lot about Weatherford. When i was in the 7th grade i went to an all girls private camp called Camp Mystic. And people would always ask me “where are you from” the moment i would tell them they would go “where is that exactly?”

When I got in to Junior High School I was apart of a dance/drill team called Highsteppers. I eventually made Junior Varsity in high school and made Varsity my sophomore year and did this till my senior year of high school. My life wasn’t perfect. I struggled with an eating problem that my parents didn’t know about, and a step mom that I to this day do not get along with. I have two younger brothers. Gray (who I have mentioned) and a step brother named Kolby.

I am a sophomore/Junior at the University of Texas at Arlington. I am majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Journalism.

I want this blog to be anything and everything, as in, if you want to request something you can! In this blog I will be discussing College advice, and Fashion along with make up tips and tricks that i have learned over the years. And I want to incorporate a online Bible Study for you all as well. And I want to see this grow. I will be starting a online vlog on You Tube where I will vlog certain parts of my life, as in major events and updates on my dog Athena. I will be posting every Friday and Saturday. And Tomorrows blog post will be about Athena and why I will be doing updates about my dog!

See you soon



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